Sumatra Lintong Double Picked Coffee

One of the darker roast coffees we carry, this Sumatra is deep and earthy, full bodied with just a touch of fruit at the end. We roast it medium-dark to just before second crack. It's rich and dark, with just a touch of cherry flavor on the finish.

If you enjoy a "really strong cup of coffee" this is your bean.

Save when you buy 2 or more 12 oz or 1 lb bags of our Sumatra coffee.

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The Profile

Like most Sumatra coffees, it's a full bodied coffee that anyone who wants a "really strong cup of coffee" is sure to love. We roast it to a medium-dark roast so that it's not quite as overwhelming as some typically earthy Sumatra coffee can get. Notes of pine, spice and molasses with a hint of berry at the end categorize this particular roast.

Aceh MapWe recommend brewing this in a Chemex for a clean, bold cup – but if you prefer the more intense side of coffee, try this in a French Press or an Aeropress to bring out the fullness and complexity even more. 

The Story

We've been watching and waiting for this coffee to come in since we first opened. Sumatra is a very difficult region to work in because of various governmental and tribal threats that are very real. We can't give a whole lot of information about the particular farm because of the very real threat of deportation should their missionary status be discovered. The family financing this farm has been working in Sumatra for many years, working to develop relationships with the various workers and farms in the area. .

The region is a beautiful area surrounded by lakes and streams at an elevation of approximately 5000 feet. Most of the farms in that area are small family farms of less than 3 acres. We've been working with Passionate Harvest to bring you this coffee. They have direct contact with the growers and have been working with them for years to develop coffee quality, educate them on growing methods, cupping, and more. 


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