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As the "younger sibling" to the Baratza Sette series of coffee grinders, if you're looking for a great solution for entry level espresso or pour overs, this is the grinder you want to use.  read more…

Best Uses for the Sette 30

(just a note  - this product may ship directly from the manufacturer, depending on what the fastest shipping method is to your address). 

We've found that the Sette 30 is best used for finer grind brew methods. It is, without a doubt, the perfect grinder for home espresso machines. Plus, it's great for use on V60 or Aeropress or even drip coffee. Once you get to coarser grinds than that, it's going to struggle. Personally, I would not recommend doing a Chemex or French Press with the Sette. That's not what it's meant for. 

What Makes the Sette 30 Perfect

Revolutionary Burr Configuration

The Sette 30 was engineered from technology used in the current Sette 270 and Sette 270W. On the Sette series of grinders, the ring burr rotates and the cone burr stays stationary. This unique setup allows the Sette to also have a straight through vertical grind path. The result is virtually zero grounds retention in the grinder. 

Removable Bean Hopper

The Sette 30 bean hopper can be closed and removed while there are beans in the hopper. This is fantastic for people who want to use multiple coffees. You could have your morning coffee in one hopper and a second hopper with some amazing decaf for your evening drink. 

This thing is FAAASSSST!

Yeah. Like super fast. Depending on how fine you're grinding, it will grind between 3.5 and 5.5 grams per second. Compare that to the Baratza Encore (approx 1 gram per second) and Virtuoso+ (about 2 grams per second) and you'll understand this thing is a speed demon. 

It's Baratza

Last, but definitely not least, it's from Baratza. Go ahead. Google it. Their support is the stuff legends are made of. Yeah, it's got a 1 year warranty, but with Baratza's repair program or the fact that they have parts available online, this grinder will last you literally forever.