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Columbia Pink Bourbon

July means summer, swimming, vacations and, at least in my world, lighter and fruitier beverages. So we're loving this Columbia Pink Bourbon coffee this month. read more…

About This Coffee

It's a lighter roast coffee with bright, fruity and floral notes that are a highlight. A light body and smooth taste is exactly what you want on a sunny summer weekend. I'm bringing it with me on vacation and hope to enjoy it while spending some serious time relaxing. 

We're sourcing this from our good friends over at Genuine Origin. They do some amazing work in farming communities teaching them the Volcafe Way in an effort to make coffee farmers more profitable. 

Just a Note - It's not Barrel Aged

Just to be clear, it's pronounced bour-BOHN - not BUR-bon like the drink. We're not putting this in a barrel. bour-BOHN, at least when it's used in the coffee world, refers to a varietal of coffee. They are vaguely related - at least in the name - and I'd give you a long history about it, but James Hoffman does it so much better: 

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