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Congo Umoja Coffee

This month's coffee brings us a very special coffee from The Democratic Republic of Congo. We're thrilled to be working with our friends at Mighty Peace Coffee.
Our Congo Umoja is roasted on the light side and has bright fruity notes and is amazingly sweet. read more…

About Congo Umoja

Umoja means "Solidarity". Umoja is a coffee processing mill with over 11,600 members. In the southern Kiva region of the DRC, cooperatives like this have helped provide stability in the coffee sector in a region that is often fraught with coffee smuggling. 

We're roasting this on the light side of things. If you enjoy our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, you'll love this coffee. As a washed coffee, it has a clean, light body and amazing fruity notes. Cupping the samples, I had a distinct mango and strawberry note.

Mighty Peace Coffee and the DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is not one of the more popular coffee growing countries. Not to be confused with the neighboring "Republic of Congo" to the west, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the third most populous country in Africa. Decades of civil war and conflict have taken a toll on the country and it's people. 

Enter Mighty Peace Coffee. A relative newcomer to the specialty coffee market (they imported their first container of coffee to the US in 2018), Mighty Pease is working to bring peace by providing resources to Congolese people. They're helping farmers in the DRC transition from years of conflict and corruption to sustainable, ethical business practices.

More to Come…

Keep an eye on our social media or subscribe to our YouTube channel. Mighty Peace Coffee has provided us with a bunch of video content from the farmers they're working with. If you love "meeting" the people your coffee comes from, you don't want to miss a moment of this month's coffee.