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Costa Rica Honey Process

We've sold out of our October special Costa Rica Honey Process coffee. We hope to have more in around Christmas this year. Keep your eyes open. Read More…

About Honey Process Coffee

We've told our coffee brewing classes about two of the major coffee processing methods - washed and natural - for a long time. Somewhere in the middle of these is the "honey process". Over the last couple of years, honey process coffee has taken off particularly in Costa Rica. 

Beneath the pulp or skin of a coffee cherry is a sticky, gummy mucilige. In a natural process coffee, the pulp (skin) of the cherry stays on while the cherry is dried outdoors. In a honey process, the pulp or skin is removed and the mucilige is allowed to stay on the seed until it dries and after that, it is washed off. 

The result of the honey process is a very sweet, honey-like flavor to the coffee. We're pretty sure if you're used to adding sugar to your coffee, you definitely won't have to add it to this coffee. 

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