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Guatemala Medium Roast

Guatemala Candelaria is a full bodied, smooth medium roast coffee with a sweet, chocolate aftertaste. You'll love this brewed just about any way but some of our favorites include in an Aeropress as well as espresso. However you brew, you'll love this coffee. read more…

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Guatemalan coffees, unfortunately, have become somewhat “generic” in the last 10-15 years. For whatever reason, they’ve lost their flair and excitement. Well, this particular Guat has us super excited. It’s deep and almost syrupy in it’s body. It has a sweet, carmelly chocolate and raisin aroma and a heavy mouthfeel. We’re roasting it to a medium roast to bring out all of the deep body yet still preserving a little bit of the brightness of the coffee.

We’ve been enjoying this Guatemalan coffee as a single origin espresso all week. It’s not too overpowering in the acidity department and sits really well in milk drinks. If you do choose to do this as an espresso, we’ve found that 18 grams of coffee, and a 30 second shot that weighs in around 29-30 grams at when it’s all done will really do well.

Outside of espresso, it’s hard to go wrong with this coffee. Aeropress, Chemex, and French Press are all fantastic.

Production on this farm is limited to only 1000 bags of coffee a year, so we’re excited to have access to the coffee we do. Get it now while you can!

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