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Kenya AA Kiambu

Kenyan coffees are prized for their unique qualities and bright flavor. Our light roast Kenya Kiambu AA coffee with citric and fruity notes is no exception. read more… 

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An estate, a laboratory, and 300 farmers 

In the 1970's, 300 Kenyan coffee farmers banded together to purchase The Windrush Estate from a British settler. Rather than divide up the property, they kept it whole and selected a board of directors and a manager to oversee the estate. Together, they farm and harvest this unique Kenyan coffee.

The coffee trees on this estate are between 50-70 years old and are SL28 trees. SL28 trees are a variety of coffee trees which are prized for their drought-resistant traits. SL28 trees are also notable for their "rusticity." This means that trees can be left untended for years or even decades at a time, and then return to successful production.

The name SL28 comes from a single tree brought to Scott Laboratories in 1935 by the British government. The tree showed drought-resistant traits which are highly desirable for growers. Through a long process of seed collection and study, SL28 became a massively popular variety of coffee tree throughout Africa. 

Today, Scott Labratories is just one of several coffee research centers in Kenya. One of them was founded in Kiambu in 1957 - the same area where we get our beans from today. 

Brew Recipes

If you're using this in a pour over like the Hario V60, start with 22g of coffee ground a little finer than drip. It should look like table salt. On our Baratza Virtuosso, the setting is between 15 and 17. It should take between 1:45 and 2 minutes to brew 350g of water.

The Details

Grading: AA

Region Kiambu

Altitude 1500m 

Producer: Windrush Estate is owned by Gatatha Farmers Company Limited and has approximately 174 hectares under coffee

Varietal Mostly SL 28, some SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian 

Processing Washed

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