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Kenya AA Kiambu Coffee

Kenyan coffees are prized for their bright flavors. Our light roast Kenya Kiambu AA coffee with citric and fruity notes is no exception and really shows off in our V60 recipe. read more… 

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The Story

Founded in the early 1900's as a cattle farm, the Windrush estate is one of the oldest estates in Kenya. In the 1930's, the British settler who owned it decided to plant the estate's first coffee tree. After Kenya gained its independence, 300 Kenyan coffee farmers banded together to purchase The Windrush Estate which by then was a profitable coffee and tea farm.

Rather than divide up the property, the farmers selected to keep it whole and chose a board of directors and a manager to oversee it. Together, they farm and harvest this delicious Kenyan coffee. Uniquely, the Windrush Estate also washes and processes its own coffee cherries - a task requiring specific machinery that most smaller farms don't have access to. This gives the farmers at Windrush an extra level of expertise and control when it comes to their juicy, fresh citrus flavors. 


The Brew How-To

V60 Pour over
Ground fine - H2 on our Baratza Vario, 12-15 on the Baratza Encore
300ml water at 198 degrees F
Should take 1:30-1:50 to brew

    The Details

    Grading: AA

    Region: Kiambu

    Altitude: 1500m

    Producer: Windrush Estate is owned by Gatatha Farmers Company Limited and has approximately 174 hectares under coffee

    Varietal: Mostly SL 28, some SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian

    Processing: Washed

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