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Sumatra Kerinci Honey Process

"I want a strong cup of coffee" is a request we get frequently and this Sumatra is our go-to. Notes of fragrant pine, spice, and molasses with a hint of berry at the end, this rich coffee has a difficult journey to make before it gets to your cup. read more…

The Story

We've been watching and waiting for this coffee to come in since we first opened and it's been a constant ever since. Sumatra is a very challenging region to work in because of various governmental and tribal threats that are very real and make exporting coffee a difficult and often dangerous task. 

We've been working with Passionate Harvest in Sumatra. The family financing this farm has been working in Sumatra for many years, developing relationships with the various workers and farms in the area to increase quality, educate them on growing methods, cupping, and more. Unfortunately, we can't give much more information about the particular farm because of the very real threat of deportation should their missionary status be discovered.

For those who live and work with Passionate Harvest, their work is dangerous, but they are producing vibrant coffee and even better relationships with the people around them every day and we're proud to partner with them. 

The Brew How-To

Drip Coffee Recipe:
Bonavita BV1900TS Brewer
1.3L Water
72g coffee ground medium-coarse (28 on the Baratza Encore)
Put the brewer in Pre-infusion mode before brewing

The Details

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