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The gloom is where it all starts. It's probably dark. It's possibly raining. S.Y.I.T.G Coffee is the perfect follow up to that epic beatdown. There's an outside chance you'll even get up in time to brew some before your workout. read more…

S.Y.I.T.G Coffee

If you're part of F3 Nation, you know. For the rest of you, S.Y.I.T.G stands for "See You In The Gloom". Inspired by the early morning workouts and coffeeterias we've spent locally and downrange, this coffee is the perfect after-workout drink. Based on our Ethiopian coffee, it's bright but not overwhelming and plenty of flavor. 

The Story

We source our Ethiopian coffees from our good friends at Catalyst Trade. Catalyst works with small-holder producers all around Ethiopia to provide them resources and training as well as a consistent market to sell their coffee. 

Coffee Flavor Notes

This is on the brighter side of things. I wouldn't say "light roast", but it's definitely flavorful. @FrogLegs tells me it's absolutely his favorite coffee of ours and he's no slouch when it comes to great coffee.