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The Coughy Filter

ThesePuns and PPE. Admit it - you want one.

Coughy Filter Neck Gaiter

One-size fits all neck gaiter. Stretchy and comfortable and exactly what you need for all of your COVID-19 mask related endeavors. Make sure you wear your dad jokes loud and proud. Any male over 30 with kids needs this.

Although it's not an N95 mask, it will keep your spit from flying all over the rest of the world. And face it, cornoavirus or not, that's what we're all looking for. 

Coughy Filter F.A.Q

Is it Machine washable? Heck yes and please do. 

What's it made from? Polyester and spandex.

Are there different sizes available? Nope. Just one that's labeled "L/XL" whatever that means. It's stretchy and somewhat snug around my big head. Production manager April has a smaller head than me and it's somewhat loose. 

What kind of protection does it provide? When you cough or sneeze or spit, you won't spray everyone in a 30 foot radius. It's a mask with a bad pun. Don't go performing surgery in this thing.