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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Light/Medium Roast Coffee

There's a reason our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is our most popular coffee. We carefully roast this coffee to a light-medium roast level to preserve the amazing apricot aroma. It has medium body and finishes with a citrus hint. read more…

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Coffee Profile

Although it will be fantastic any way you prepare it, to really enjoy the bright, clean flavors, we'd recommend a pour over brewing method such as a Chemex Coffeemaker for this particular coffee. 

  • Bright, clean and crisp flavors
  • Apricot aromas
  • Grown at 1855m
  • Works great in a pour-over method like a Chemex or a cone dripper.
  • If you'd like something a little bolder consider our Dark Roast Yirgacheffe.

The Story

Sorting Coffee in EthiopiaAll of the Ethiopian coffees we roast directly support the New Covenant Foundation (NCF), a missions organization actively involved in transforming communities Ethiopia.

The most important aspect of NCF's outreach is raising leaders in villages that can minister to their own communities. Through church planting, health and education initiatives and business training, NCF makes the people in the communities they reach self sustaining. Not only financially, but spiritually, relationally and in many other ways. The goal is to make people self sufficient - not to give them a handout.

On the coffee front, teaching improved organic and sustainable agricultural methods and helping to finance improved equipment are among only a few ways to grow community.

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