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Ethiopian Harrar Coffee

It's shipping time! We're waiting for new crop Ethiopian coffees to arrive at the warehouse, so we're out of Harrar for now. Be sure to check back in early September for an update.

This natural process Ethiopian coffee is an absolute fruit bomb. Sweet strawberries, bright acidity with just a hint of earthiness in the aftertaste.

One of our lighter roasts, it works in just about every brewing method. In a french press, the sweetness is really highlighted. As an espresso you'll feel like you're drinking strawberry juice. We love this as a single origin cold brew as well. read more

  • All of the Ethiopian coffees we roast directly support the New Covenant Foundation (NCF), a missions organization actively involved in transforming communities Ethiopia.

    The most important aspect of NCF's outreach is raising leaders in villages that can minister to their own communities. Through church planting, health and education initiatives and business training, NCF makes the people in the communities they reach self sustaining. Not only financially, but spiritually, relationally and in many other ways. The goal is to make people self sufficient - not to give them a handout. 

    On the coffee front, teaching improved organic and sustainable agricultural methods and helping to finance improved equipment are among only a few ways to grow community.

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