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Barrel Aged Coffee - Guatemala Dulce Leonarda

We've been experimenting over the last year with barrel aged coffee thanks to several barrels from our friends at Penrose Brewing. This time, however, we decided to go with something that was straight bourbon and wow, are we glad we did!

Our Barrel Aged Coffees are always a huge hit. Here's a recommendation - DO NOT WAIT ON THIS! Last time, we had about 100 bags and they sold out within a week of when we first put them out. This time we have the same amount and it WILL go fast - I can PROMISE you that. 

Read more about the flavors in this particular barrel aged coffee and where it came from. 

About This Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Every time we do this, it's just a little bit different, but the end result is always a smooth, full bodied coffee that has a ton of wonderful vanilla flavors with just a touch of tobacco and a slight hint of bourbon. We've chosen our Guatemala Dulce Leonarda because it's smooth body and just a hint of milk chocolate pairs so well with the bourbon barrel. 

The barrel itself is from Heaven Hill Distilleries and has only been used for bourbon. When we first opened it up there was a huge boozy aroma wafting out of the barrel. Hints of vanilla and a wonderful sweet, caramel all over the place. Those have, without a doubt, transferred to the coffee. 

You'll definitely want to enjoy this one with dessert while friends are over. Or spend a lazy, cold, Saturday morning slowly sipping this from your favorite mug. 

If you've never had the opportunity to try a barrel aged coffee, this is your opportunity! Twelve ounce bags are going for just $18 while we have them. There's only a very limited amount so jump on this fast!

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