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Chemex Coffee Sampler and Handmade Market Bag

The classic styling of the Chemex coffeemaker, an array of freshly roasted coffee deliciousness, all packaged beautifully in a handmade market bag made from repurposed coffee jute by Fuller + Howe. All this and free shipping when you order this product too! read more …

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The Perfect Setup for the Coffee Lover

We love the Chemex Coffeemaker for so many reasons. Not only does it look fantastic, it's super easy to use and makes great coffee every time. We brew with a Chemex all the time. If you find us at Farmers Markets or in the shop, it's likely that we're using a Chemex to brew. 

Natural Chemex FiltersWe've included a 6 cup Chemex with this gift set along with a box of 100 Chemex filters. Our Coffee Sampler is a selection of 6 of our delicious, freshly roasted coffees - 4 single origin coffees, one blend and one decaf. 

Fuller & Howe

We discovered Julie Fuller, founder of Fuller and Howe, on Instagram of all places, and we instantly fell in love with her line of repourposed coffee jute bag products. The care and quality that goes into each bag is second to none. Plus, when we realized that she lived just a few miles away from us, we couldn't wait to get her products in our store!

The market bag is one of her larger bags. It's made of repourposed coffee sacks. Because she's using recycled coffee sacks, the exact design on the bag is going to differ from what you see here. But the bag itself, with it's adjustable rope straps, reinforced opening and super strong stitching will last a lifetime. 

Add A Gift Card!

When you add this gift set to your cart, you'll get the opportunity to add a $25 FreshGround Gift Card for only $20. Give it to your lucky coffee loving friend or keep it for yourself and use it either online or in our Geneva roastery. 

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