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When: 9 AM-10:30 AM on the Saturday you choose

Where: FreshGround Roasting in Geneva

What: If you want to learn whats so exciting about coffee, how it's farmed and processed, how it gets to your cup and how you can brew great coffee at home, keep reading...

Coffee Brewing Class Overview

We start each coffee brewing class with an overview of coffee and how it's farmed, processed and gets from those farms way across the ocean into your cup. Then, our coffee brewing class covers the basics of brewing coffee in one of several brewing methods. We vary the methods but, typically, we include cold brew coffee in a Toddy coffee brewer, pour over coffee methods and immersion methods like the french press.

Space is very limited for these classes so sign up now! With each ticket, you will receive our "How to Brew Great Coffee at Home" booklet that gives you recipes and instructions for the most popular coffee brewing methods. You'll also receive a bag of the coffee we're brewing that day absolutely free and a coupon that you can use on your next order of coffee. So you can see, this is well worth the $10 entry fee!

What to Expect from a Coffee Brewing Class

This class is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes long (depending on discussion time). We start off the class talking about the background of coffee and how it is grown, processed and sourced and why it’s important to know where your coffee comes from. We will also discuss some of the major coffee processing methods and how that affects the flavor.

The second part of the class, we’ll get into the actual brewing methods. We talk about the importance of grinding your beans correctly and what kinds of grinders are available. We will demonstrate several brewing methods that may vary depending on what equipment is available at the time. Some of the brewing methods that we’ve done in the past include the Toddy cold brewer, the french press, Chemex, Hario V60 pour over, siphon pot and Aeropress.

At the end of the coffee brewing class, you'll have a much more in-depth knowledge about coffee in general. You’ll understand what it takes to brew great coffee at home and you'll have the tools to start your way down the path to brewing great coffee at home. 

Come join us! We’re sure you’ll be glad you did.

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