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FreshGround Cold Brew Classic 10 Year Celebration Entry

We're turning 10! And you're invited to the bash. Plus you get this uber cool t-shirt and a refillable tumbler and a whole lot of lightly caffeinated family fun. All for just $25 bucks. read more…

The Cold Brew Classic

Saturday, September 25th from 9 AM to 11 AM we're hosting the world's first (as far as we know) "Cold Brew Classic". This family-friendly event includes a 2K (1 mile) fun walk/run/stroll/mosey starting at FreshGround Roasting and winding it's way through Wheeler Park. You and your family can stop at several points along the way and take part in coffee (and non-coffee) themed activities. 

For each sign up, you'll get a Cold Brew Classic T-Shirt that you can wear proudly to the gym, to school, to work and even to church! Yes, it will become your Sunday best! 

Plus, you'll get this amazing mason jar tumbler - the perfect container to enjoy all of your cold brew beverages in. Day of the event, we'll fill your tumbler for free and AS AN ADDED BONUS (but wait! There's more!) You'll get $1 off your drink any time you bring the tumbler into the shop or to a farmers market. 

So NOWWW how much would you pay?

All of this excitement is yours for the low, low price of only $20! That's Twenty smackers, 20 big ones, a Jackson. So get on it - and join us for the Cold Brew Classic in Geneva. 

The Deets:

  • When: Saturday, Sept 25th, 9am-11am (Shirts and tumblers will be handed out at the event!)
  • What: Cold Brew Classic - open house style. Come when the kids are ready. 
  • Who: Everyone - family, friends, make it a big get together. We promise to only give the kids decaf. 
  • Where: Everything starts at FreshGround Roasting. 321 Stevens St, Suite N, Geneva, IL 60134
  • Why: Ten Years, Baby!