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Colombia Tabi

Tabi is a varietal of coffee. This particular one is a washed process coffee, roasted on the lighter side with a medium body and amazing, juicy raspberry and mango notes. read more…

The Story

The Tabi varietal is an interesting hybrid produced by crossing bourbon, timor, and typica varietals. The result is a sweet, medium bodied coffee that is resistant to leaf rust - a constant threat on coffee growing regions. In the dialect from the native Guambiano tribe in Colombia, "Tabi" means "good". So, it must be good coffee. 

Sebastian Ceron and Miller Ome cultivate the Tabi varietal and also benefit in membership in the ASOBOMBO association of about 170 young producers who share and learn improved agricultural practices. 

About The Coffee

  • Origin: Columbia
  • Region: El Mirador, Huila
  • Producer: Sebastian Ceron, Miller Ome and Lohas Beans
  • Varietal: Tabi
  • Processing: Washed
  • Altitude: 1670-1950 MASL


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