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Vicente Diaz has been farming coffee for 18 years. His farm became known as "El Derrumbo" or "The Collapse" after a massive landslide a few years ago. read more…

The Story

Vicente Diaz decided to start farming specialty coffee about 5 years ago. He was basically starting out on his own again despite farming coffee for years prior to this. Most of his family and other members of the community were farming commercial grade coffee. Vicente says "I remember starting out on my own, mainly because I saw my relatives producing commercial-quality coffee. I knew I wanted to do things differently, and I am very proud that I succeeded."

Vicente grows several varieties of coffee. This month we're featuring the Pacamara. If you've never had a Pacamara before, it's known for it's large bean size and it's exceptional flavor profile. He also grows Pacas and about 10% of his farm is dedicated to Gesha. 

About This Coffee

Vicente focuses on picking only the ripest coffees available. He hires members of the community to come harvest coffee on his 8.5 acres of land. Unlike so many farmers these days, he's not using long fermentation times or special processing methods. Vicente finds that he gets good results with shorter fermentation and a washed coffee. We tend to agree with his assessment. 

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is in a V60 pour over. Here's our recipe: 

  • 18 oz coffee ground semi-fine (3.5 on my Fellow Ode brew grinder)
  • 300ml filtered water at 205 degrees
  • Bloom the coffee with 36 ml of water for 30 seconds
  • Pour another 100ml of water
  • Agitate the grounds either by swirling the V60 or gently stirring
  • Pour the remaining water
  • Total brew time should be between 2 minutes and 2:15. 

The Details

  • Region: Chalatenango
  • Producer: Vicente Rafael Diaz Vasquez
  • Farm: El Derrumbo (The Collapse)
  • Elevation: 1376 MASL
  • Varietal: Pacamara
  • Processing Method: Washed
  • Drying Method: Raised beds or strollers for 20 days