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Ethiopia Gedeo

Lighter roast natural process coffee with crazy berry notes. This is everything you'd expect in a natural process Ethiopian coffee. read more…

About our Ethiopian Gedeo Coffee

We cupped a lot of coffees when we sampled this year’s Ethiopians. Several stood out above the rest, but this natural process coffee from the Yirgacheffe area was something we wanted to highlight.

Our friends at Catalyst Trade are bringing this one to us. The political situation in Ethiopia (like… civil war and stuff) has made this region challenging, to say the least. So we saw some significant shipping delays but it's here and none the worse for the wear. 

Gedeo is a region in the southern part of Ethiopia - nestled right between Sidama and Guji. Which, if you've been drinking coffee for any amount of time, those are two regions you definitely recognize. 

Bright and fruity with a nice, even sweetness. It has a mild sweetness you’ll enjoy waking up to or, for that matter, any time during the day.