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Kenya Yara

For the month of March, we're enjoying a very special Kenyan coffee. It's a part of Genuine Origin's Pride of Kenya Microlot coffees. It's a light roast, fantastic, unique acidity and amazing floral aromas. read more…

  • The overwhelming majority of farms in Kenya are between 1/4 acre and 3 acres. That means some of these "farms" are the size of a suburban home lot. Nairobi has a very interesting and popular auction system for selling coffee to the broader market. Up until 2006, it was illegal to sell coffee anywhere except for the coffee auction. In 2006, the Kenya government finally made it legal for coffee to be sold directly from the farm or co-op to coffee exporters, bypassing the auction system.

    The Ngunguru Factory is a great resource to farmers in the area and is known as one of the highest quality washing stations in Kenya based on the high prices their coffees command at auction. In addition to providing farming input and training, members of the co-op also have the opportunity to receive seedlings from the factory that allow them to further improve their crop. 

  • We're roasting this Kenya coffee on the lighter side. It brings out the unique acidity and fantastic bright notes that are so common in Kenyan coffees. If you're into really unique, flavorful coffees, we'd highly recommend this one. We only have limited amounts of this coffee for the month so get on it quickly!
  • Grading: AB
    RegionYara, Kiambu
    Altitude 1630m
    Producer: Yara Estate is owned by Gatatha Farmers Company Limited and has approximately 174 hectares under coffee.
    Varietal Traditional SL 28 , SL 34 and some Ruiru 11
    Processing Washed
    Harvest Time Oct-Dec

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