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Mexico Monte Alban

Grown near Mexico's culinary hotspot of Monte Alban, this amazing washed coffee has a creamy medium body with notes of chocolate and almond and a juicy finish. read more…

About This Coffee

Grown by a group of small-scale farmers near Sierra Sur de Oaxaca, this coffee is grown the same way it's been grown for about 3 generations now. Traditionally washed in micro-mills at each farm, it's mostly organically grown. Our importer, Caravela Coffee, has been working with farmers in the area to get them organically certified to bring that additional value to their product. 

The Details

  • Region: Oaxaca
  • Varietal: Bourbon, Typica
  • Altitude: 1300-1900 MASL
  • Processing: Traditionally washed in micro-mills at each farm
  • Drying: Sundried on raised patios

How To Brew

The syrupy body and almond and chocolate notes of this coffee tend to make an amazing espresso. If you have the tools to do it, a 2:1 ratio in about 35 seconds is the recipe to shoot for. 

If you're not that kind of coffee nerd, you might have an Aeropress around. We'd recommend 14g of finely ground coffee and fill the Aeropress to the 2 with water, press down slowly to brew in 20-30 seconds. We prefer it straight, but if you need to, add a little bit of water to it.