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Nicaragua Anaerobic Decaf

From our Sad Cow line of specialty decaf coffees, this light roast, bright and floral coffee is unique not only because it's decaf, but the farm and the processing is quite unusual read more…

What Makes Our Nicaragua Decaf Unique

First of all, it comes from Fincas Miersch, where we've sourced several amazing coffees like our Golden Bean Award winning Limoncello, and our Nicaragua Red Bourbon coffees that we've been enjoying recently.

Following up on their tradition of providing skillfully produced coffees, Fincas Miersch chose to anaerobically ferment this coffee. 

OK - here's the explainer. 

Fermentation is a step in coffee processing where the coffee seed is soaked in water for a period of anywhere from 12 to 72 hours in order to break down the sugars in the pulp. This makes it easier to wash those sugars off of the coffee seed. 

Fincas Mierisch Anaerobic Decaf

Anaerobic fermentation (which, is technically a misnomer, but I digress…) is different because instead of leaving the coffee out in open tanks, they keep it in air-tight containers. Fincas Mierisch keeps this coffee in food-safe juice containers in a walk-in cooler for 48 hours before taking the coffee out onto drying beds. This method limits the amount of outside influence there is on the fermentation process and generally allows more control over this step.

The reason this is so unique is because it's extremely rare for a farm to put that much extra effort into a decaf coffee. Decaf already requires extra steps in processing so adding more processing is just costing more money in the long run and it's often not worth it. Fincas Miersch is unique and forward looking in wanting to provide a very unique decaf coffee. 

The Details

  • Producer: Fincas Mierisch
  • Process: Low temp fermentation then sun dried
  • Decaffeination Process: Swiss Water
  • Elevation: 850-950MASL