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Nicaragua El Limoncillo

This full natural process coffee is full of fruity flavors. Bright blackberry and syrupy notes with a pink-lemonade acidity. One of our Golden Bean North America competition roasts done by our newest roaster, Kara Schoofread more…

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Competition Coffees

This Nicaragua is only one of 4 competition coffees that we roasted for Golden Bean North America this year. You can purchase a set of all 4 coffees roasted by Eric, Sam and Kara here. 

The Story

Innovative Farms Bring Quality Coffees 

Fincas Mierisch is a group of farms in Nicaragua and Honduras run by the Mierisch family. Their farms work hard to maximize output and still be sustainable. Several farms are either Rainforest Alliance certified or Utz certifed. Doc Mierisch, the General of the operation (pictured here) is a third generation coffee producer. He started out as a medical doctor but coffee has always been in his blood. 

Finca Miersch Anaerobic FermentationThe Mierisch family also strives to be on the cutting edge of coffee producing - including using such innovative techniques as cold temp anaerobic fermentations and other methods to produce amazing coffees. In fact, one of their coffees was a 2008 Cup of Excellence winner for Nicaragua. 

This particular coffee is a natural process red bourbon coffee. Natural process means the cherry is left intact and allowed to dry in the sun - leaving all of the sugars in the pulp on the coffee bean. The result is a sweet, fruity cup with blackberry notes  and a bright, sweet pink-lemonade acidity. 

The Brew How-To

60g Coffee
Ground at 22 on the Baratza Virtuosso
Rinse the filter before adding grounds
900ml Water at 200 degrees poured slowly
Should brew in 5 to 5:30 minutes 

The Details

  • Producer: Fincas Mierisch
  • Region: Matagalpa, La Dalia, Nicaragua
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Processing: Full Natural
  • Altitude: 850-1110meters
  • Harvest: Oct - Jan

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