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Peru Cafe Chonta

The mountainous areas of Peru are perfect for growing fantastic coffee and this is no exception. A light-medium roast coffee with a bright juicy body and a very sweet flavor. Notes of milk chocolate and caramel make for an amazing finish. read more...

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Peru Chonta Coffee Story

In 2013, Peru as a whole was devastated by leaf rust - la roya - and it's been recovering ever since. In the 5 years of harvest since then, we've seen some amazing coffee come out of Peru. 

Peru Farmers from Cafe ChontaThis particular coffee we sourced from Genuine Origin - our partners in several different growing areas. The work with various growers to teach them "The Volcafe Way". We've talked about that previously and even visited their production facilities in Guatemala. 

This Cafe Chonta is sourced from 13 small producers in the Chontali region in the northern part of Peru - not too far from Ecuador. Farmers in this area face some challenges because the region is so mountainous and the climate so wet that they often can't dry their processed coffee. Most of the coffee that's produced is partially dried and then shipped 3.5 hours away to Jaen - a larger city that has facilities to finish processing the parchment. 

Coffee Details

  • Region: Cajamarca
  • Altitude: 1300-1800 meters above sea level
  • Producers:13 Producers Selected by Genuine Origin and Volcafe
  • Varieties: Caturra, Catuai, Typica, Bourbon, Pache
  • Processing: Natural fermentation, fully washed, sun dried
  • Harvest: Oct - Nov 2018

Coffee Farms in Peru

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