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Rancilio Silvia v 3.0

    • New style drip tray
    • New adjustable expansion valve
    • (You can now set the maximum brew pressure YOU desire.)
    • New more attractive group cover
    • New style group assembly
    • Also included is a Double Spout 58 mm ergonomic commercial Portafilter
    • Two portafilter inserts (one single & one double)
    • Commercial articulating steam wand with new 1 hole steam tip
    • Contoured steam knob
    • Rancillio Silvia
    • Plastic Tamper
    • Portafilter with single and double shot filters
    • 2 year manufacturer warranty

The Rancilio Silvia is easily one of the best semi-professional, single boiler home espresso machines on the market. It's built like a tank and offers great performance and high quality beverages.

This newly designed Silvia has a ton of new features but one that is the most exciting is that it is POD adaptable. If you have previously used coffee PODs for brewing your coffee, with the POD adapter on the Silvia you can go right on brewing those PODs. When you decide to graduate up and add your own espresso grinder you won't end up throwing out this machine.

In my opinion, the Silvia with the Baratza Virtuoso Precisio grinder is about the best startup espresso package you can find.

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