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Rwanda Karambi Station Coffee

Over two-thirds of the farmers who bring their coffee cherries to Karambi Washing Station are women farmers. This natural process coffee is typical of the sweet, fruity coffees coming out of that region. If you're a fan of our Ethiopian or other lighter roast coffees, this is your jam. read more…

The Story

Karambi Washing Station is in the Nyamasheke district in the southwest portion of Rwanda with Lake Kivu on it's western border. This district has the highest concentration of washing stations in Rwanda. Many of the women delivering their coffee cherry to the Karambi station have agrnonmic training of various sorts. In addition to paying these women farmers for their coffee, the station employs about 120 staff during the peak harvest season. 

This particular coffee we have sourced from our friends at Genuine Origin is very typical of this region. It's a natural process coffee with strong fruity and sweet notes and an acidity like white grapes. 

The Details

  • Producer: Multiple producers around Karambi
  • Process:  Natural
  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1700-1900 MASL