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Tanzania Mwika Microlot Coffee

Just for March! Don't miss this one. Medium-light roast coffee. Intense and complex, with a juicy body, syrupy sweetness and notes of blackberry, and caramel. read more…

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Map of Tanzania

The Story

The Mwika North Farmer Group was established in 1984 as a cooperative and as a member of the larger Kilimanjaro Native Co-operative Union (KNCU) — the very first cooperative in Tanzania. The KNCU was established in 1925, shortly after the arrival of coffee in Tanzania.

We've sourced this coffee through a relationship with Genuine Origin. They are working with farmers in Tanzania using the Volcafé Way to focus on profitability. You can read our blog post from our Guatemala trip to learn how Volcafé/Genuine Origin works with farmers this way.

The Coffee Details

REGION: Kilimanjaro
ALTITUDE: 1400–1800 MASL
PRODUCER: The approximately 300 members of the Mwika North Cooperative
VARIETY: Bourbon, Kent and Nyasa
PROCESSING: Washed, home processed

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