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Three Continents Coffee Sampler

This collection will be sure to please even the most complex tastes. From the bright, fruity flavors of Ethiopia to the darker roasted earthy tones of Sumatra these three coffees make a fantastic trifecta of great flavor in your cup. 

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The collection contains one 12 ounce bag of each of the following coffees:

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is our most popular coffee by far. One of the reasons we love it is that it's so versatile. The medium roast is full of bright, fruity flavors like blueberry and strawberry. It finishes with just a hint of a citrus flavor. Drinking this yirg is like drinking a nice dry Riesling. It's fantastic in a pour over like a Chemex and the bright notes really shine in an Aeropress. 


Full Bodied, rich and flavorful Medium-dark roast. Aromas of smoke and slight flavors of chocolate. If you're brewing in a drip coffee maker this will be a fantastic up - one of our best for that brewing method. It also makes a great single origin espresso if that's your brewing method of choice. 


This Sumatra coffee has some fantastic pine and spice flavors. It's a full bodied coffee that anyone who wants a "really strong cup" is sure to love. This Sumatra is the flavor opposite of our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee - its deep and rich and earthy as opposed to the bright and fruity Ethiopians. 

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