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Uganda Rowenzori Natural Coffee

Rowenzori ("row-en-ZOH-ree") is a mountain range that sits on the south-western edge of Uganda. This natural process, light roast coffee sparkles with amazing fruit notes you won't want to miss.  read more


Working with our good friends at Genuine Origin, this amazing coffee comes from farmers in the Bukonzo tribe in south-western Uganda. Farms in this area tend to be smaller (less than 2 hectares). Genuine Origin and Volcafe provide extensive training and resources to farmers in the area (check out our blog about our trip to Guatemala for more on that). 

Elevation: 2100 MASL

Region: Rwenzori

Variety: SL14 and SL28

Processing: Natural

Harvest Season: Sept-Dec 2019

Cupping Notes: Smooth acidity, medium body - notably more body than past seasons. Raisin, chocolate with a bright, grape like finish.

Suggested Brewing: Loving this in an Aeropress with the Prismo attachment or, of course, as a really bright, interesting single origin espresso. My go-to recipe for the Prismo  setup is 18g of finely ground coffee (around 12-15 on my Baratza Encore) and 50g of water. Let it steep for about 45 seconds and then press down slowly with almost no force for about 30 seconds. 

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