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Ugly Bag Coffee

Currently Sold out! Come back later for our newest ugly bag coffees!

It's amazing coffee - just in an ugly bag, really limited quantities, 8 oz bags at a great price. We have a washed Mexico Geisha right now that you'll want to get your hands on. 

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Right now - Washed Mexico Geisha

We had this coffee earlier this year and, like most geisha coffees, it's one we remember fondly. Bright floral and citrus notes, It's one of the most interesting coffees we've had this year. Definitely one for the coffee nerds after those unique coffee flavors. You'll have no problem showing off how you've perfected the Rao Spin in your V60 with this coffee. 

Just so we're clear - this is NOT left over beans that have been sitting around. It's freshly roasted coffee at a great price. 

Great Coffee, Ugly Bag

The coffees we have for our ReFills club members are, without a doubt, amazing. We love sourcing great coffees they get to enjoy each month.

The problem is, it's really difficult to estimate the amount of coffee we purchase, the number that will be sold, the number of bags and labels and good stuff like that and get it all to match up exactly. 

Often times, what we end up with is just a little extra coffee and no labels or bags for that coffee. 

This is where the "Ugly Bag Coffee" comes in. We're taking the last few pounds of these amazing coffees, roasting them fresh for you and putting them in whatever bags we have and hand writing the coffee on the outside of the bag. It's not pretty but, let's be serious here. When you're making your early morning coffee do you really care what the bag looks like? 

Let me sum up: 

  • Amazing, Fresh single origin coffees
  • 8 oz bag
  • Limited quantities
  • Roasted fresh!