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Dream Maker Water Process Decaf

Our Dream Maker Decaf coffee is a fantastic decaf with a well balanced acidity, nice smooth body and some mild citruis-fruit flavors in the cup. It has an interesting bright side and a dark and robust side at the same time. Unlike so many other decaf coffee, this doesn't fall flat on the flavor side. read more…

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The Story

Our decaf is made using the Swiss Water Process of decaffeination. The Swiss process uses 100% clean, clear water to remove the caffeine from coffee as opposed to the alternative, cheaper option which uses harsh chemicals to process the coffee faster. 

Water process decaf coffee results in a smooth aftertaste and none of that metallic decaf taste that crops up with other non-water process methods. 

 The Brew How-To

V60 Pour over
23g Ground fine - H2 on our Baratza Vario, 12-15 on the Baratza Encore
400ml water at 198 degrees F
Should take 1:50-2:15 minutes to brew


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