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Coffee processing has a huge effect on the flavor of the coffee. We've loved Maria Barahona's washed process coffee for years. Now she and her husband, Nicolas, have done a honey process coffee that we're loving. read more…

What Is Honey Process Coffee?

First of all, honey process coffee has nothing to do with bee juice. If you've seen our videos about coffee processing methods, you're probably at least aware of washed and natural process coffees. Honey process is similar to natural because, after removing a certain amount of the pulp from the coffee, some of the mucilage is left on the bean and allowed to dry in the sun.

We've seen a lot of honey process coffees from Central America and it seems that it's become one of the more popular processing methods in that area.

About This Honduras Honey Process Coffee

Maria and her husband, Edwin, have done honey process coffees for years. Most of the time, they've used Edwin's coffees. However, this year, they decided to take some of Maria's coffee for their honey process. They only produced about 18 bags of coffee in total and we were able to source 5 of them total. 

Compared to Maria's washed coffee, this one is sweeter and with a caramel aroma. It has slight fruity notes on the finish and an amazing, lasting sweetness you'll love. 

Coffee Details

  • Farm Name - El Esfuerzo
  • Location - Santa María, La Paz
  • Varietal - Catuai
  • Process Type - Honey
  • Altitude - 1520 m

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