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Honduras Medium Roast

We're sold out of this year's Honduras and excitedly waiting a new direct trade coffee with an expected arrival sometime mid-August. So check back then for more Honduras coffee. In the meantime, check out our medium roast Guatemala coffee

A go-to crowd pleaser. Deliciously nutty with milk chocolate notes, these smooth Honduran beans are balanced with a hint of brightness to make it the perfect every-day cup. read more…

The Story

Sustainable Family Farms 

On the slopes of the Montecillos mountain range, Kingdom Growers is known to the locals as “Cultivadores del Reino.” Year after year, Kingdom Growers provides around 200 farming families with training on eco-friendly practices and farm management resources. These farmers see the need for high grade, specialty coffee and work alongside Kingdom Growers to ensure that extra care. And they don't stop there. 

Kingdom Growers has been advocating for farm-to-cup transparency since before it was cool- way back in 2005.  They assist farmers with access to the market and seek to deepen connections between farmers and consumers.

So all of that good work stands behind your morning cup. 

The Brew How-To

60g Coffee
Ground at 22 on the Baratza Virtuosso
Rinse the filter before adding grounds
900ml Water at 200 degrees poured slowly
Should brew in 5 to 5:30 minutes 

The Details

  • Producer: Cultivadores de Reino (Kingdom Growers)
  • Region: Montecillos
  • Variety: Bourbon, typica, caturra
  • Processing: Washed
  • Altitude: 4,000 – 5,200 ft
  • Coffee Grading: SHG
  • Harvest: Dec - Apr

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