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Our Mocha Java blend is the definition of complex. The Sumatra brings a deep, earthy body to the party, while the Ethiopian components add to the brightness at the beginning. With a story spanning thousands of miles and the test of time, this sweet and slow blend makes a delicious cup that's as good as its history. read more…

The Story

Mocha Java coffee is traditionally a blend of two different coffees from two different origins - Mocha (now called Yemen) and Java (now Indonesia). In days past, coffees from Mocha were shipped out of the very busy Yemen port in huge, wooden ships. At the same time, many sailors were arriving in that port from the island of Java. As a happy accident of history, coffees from both of these regions were blended together to produce a coffee that is still prized today. 

The truth today is that most of the Mocha Java blends on the market are not the traditional blends from these two islands, but instead, like ours, are substitutions of the original. However, the concepts are still the same - blending a bright flavored coffee with a full bodied one results on rich, fantastic, flavors. 

The Brew How-To

French Press:
23g medium ground coffee - 23 on the Baratza Encore
400g water at 203 degrees F
Follow James Hoffman’s French Press technique because, to quote The Mandalorian, This is the way.