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Our most popular coffee, and with good reason. We carefully roast our Ethiopian coffee to preserve the amazing apricot aroma. This coffee is medium-bodied and great in our favorite brew method, the Chemex. read more…

The Story

We're thrilled to be working with the fine folks at Catalyst Trade to bring you this amazing coffee provided by Tadesse Yonka. 

Tadesse Yonka - owner of the Gamacho Washing Station

Tadesse Yonka runs the Gamacho processing mill that serves abut 250 farmers in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. Tadesse has been in the coffee business for over 20 years now and employs about 70 people at his washing station. 

Tadesse has growin his washing station over the years by being an excellent resource for the farmers he works with. He takes and active role in helping his farmers establish coffee nursery sites and educates them about all aspects of coffee production. He encourages quality by paying farmers more for higher quality coffee cherries. 

Tadesse and his wife, Mrs Bekelech Burka, have nine children - six of which are directly involved in coffee sourcing, transportation and more. 

It all starts with the coffee, but for these communities it grows into so much more

The Brew How-To

60g coffee
Ground at 22 on the Baratza Virtuosso
Rinse the filter before adding grounds
900ml Water at 200 degrees poured slowly
Should brew in 5 to 5:30 minutes

The Details

  • Elevation: about 2250 MASL
  • Region: Bensa, Sidama
  • Process: Natural
  • Varietal: Heirloom and other cultivars