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Our most popular coffee, and with good reason. We carefully roast our Ethiopian coffee to preserve the amazing apricot aroma. This coffee is medium-bodied and great in our favorite brew method, the Chemex. read more…

The Story


Ethiopia is, according to legend, the birthplace of coffee. We're not 100% sure if it ACTUALLY originated in Ethiopia. However, it's very likely that coffee was first discovered somewhere in that area. There's probably a good chance you've read or heard about the legend of Kaldi the goat herder. This may or may not be close to the truth. We're leaning towards not. 

Either way, coffee has been growing in Ethiopia for a very, very long time. And Ethiopian coffees are some of our favorites without a doubt. This one is no different. Light roast to keep all of the bright fruity flavors. It has a light body and a fantastic aftertaste your friends will love. 

The Brew How-To

60g coffee
Ground at 22 on the Baratza Virtuosso
Rinse the filter before adding grounds
900ml Water at 200 degrees poured slowly
Should brew in 5 to 5:30 minutes