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Guatemala Perla Negra is a community lot from our friends at Caravela Coffee. The coffee is full bodied, smooth, medium roast coffee with a sweet, almond and chocolate aftertaste. read more…

The Story

La Perla Negra coffee, or “The Black Pearl” is a blend of co ees produced in the mountains of Chiquimula and Zacapa. They are blended together as these co ees have similar profiles and characteristics. The department of Chiquimula is coloquially known as La Perla de Oriente due to its beautiful landscapes and architecture as well as the beauty of the people who live there. Chiquimula is known for being the cradle of art and artists as many of Guatemala’s best poets, writers, singers, musicians come from there. Esquipulas is a municipality located inside this department and is known for its Black Christ, a wooden image of Christ now housed in the Cathedral Basilica of Esquipulas. For this reason, this co ee is named Perla Negra.


The work between Caravela and producers responsible for Perla Negra started as a result of many cupping sessions to determine the perfect balance between the sweetness of chocolate, panela and yellow fruit acidity found in this full bodied coffee

The Brew How-To

Drip Coffee Recipe:
Bonavita BV1900TS Brewer
1.3L Water
72g coffee ground medium-coarse (28 on the Baratza Encore)
Put the brewer in Pre-infusion mode before brewing (pre-what??? RTFM….)

The Details

Region: Chiquimula
Altitude: 1200-1550 MASL
Producers: Various
Variety: Caturra, Catuai
Processing: Washed