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Tired of running out of coffee? Tired of forgetting to order your coffee? Tired of "coffee emergencies'? 

No more..... 

Our Re-fills program is a fantastic way to get the coffees you love on a recurring basis without having to order. We ship your coffee around the middle of the month. Select as much or as little coffee as you would like delivered each month. Each month is a different single-origin coffee. Read the FAQ

ReFills FAQ

  • How much coffee do you send each shipment? As much as you'd like! Select the amount you'd like by changing the "quantity" you put in your cart. 
  • What kind of coffee will I get? The subscription on this page is for our roaster's choice selection. This means you'll get a fantastic single origin coffee that we highlight each month. You need to know, our Roaster's Choice changes each month. If your subscription is set to a frequency less than once every four weeks, you'll get the same coffee for multiple shipments. For example, If you have your subscription frequency set to 3 weeks, and your first shipment comes up on June 2nd and your next shipment on June 23rd, you will get the same coffee those two shipments and a new coffee 3 weeks later on July 14th. 
  • What if I Need to Change My Subscription? If at any time you'd like to modify your subscription, you can do that from your "My Account" age  under "Manage Subscriptions".
  • Can I Get One Specific Coffee each month? All of our regular coffees can be added to a coffee subscription. Just click the "Add to ReFills Subscription" option on the product page for the coffee you want. 
  • Can I get Roaster's Choice and another coffee? You sure can! By selecting "Add To ReFills Subscription" on any of our coffee product pages, you can automatically add that coffee to your subscription whenever you like. 
  • What if I go on vacation or have left over coffee at the end of the month? (What is this "left over coffee" you speak of?). If you need to, you can adjust the upcoming shipments and even pause your subscription from your "My Account" page. 
  • How often do you ship my ReFills coffee? Select the frequency here and we'll ship it as often as you'd like. 
  • I need my coffee extra-super fresh. Can you ship it multiple times a month? Absolutely - just select a more frequent shipping time and we'll ship the absolutely freshest coffee right when you need it!
  • I'm in the local area, can I just pick up my coffee and not have to pay shipping? Sure! When you check out, you'll be presented with two shipping options. Select "Pickup in Geneva" and we'll notify when your coffee is ready - plus you won't be charged for shipping. 

More questions? Contact us and let us know!