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Three 12 oz bags of coffee per delivery. Our Roaster's Choice rotates through our regular selection of direct trade, single origin coffees plus some very special and unique coffees delivered directly to your home or office.   read more…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about ReFills

How often do you ship my coffee?

You choose the frequency of your shipments when you order - choose shipments as often as every week or as infrequently as once a month.

How quickly will I get my coffee?

We ship UPS Ground from Elgin, IL and we roast and ship the same day. So you'll get fresh coffee usually 1-3 days later depending on your address

What kind of coffee do I get with my ReFills subscription?

Our normal roaster's choice is a rotating selection of our directly traded single origin coffees. You can certainly change it up if you want something specific - just contact us or access your account page to make the changes.

I have a favorite coffee - can I get that as part of my ReFills Coffee Subscription?

Absolutely. All of the coffees on our web site are available with a ReFills subscription. Just select "add to ReFills subscription" on the product page.

What if I need to skip a shipment? 

Not a problem at all! Our convenient web site interface allows you to completely manage your orders and upcoming shipments very easily. Or drop us a note and we'll make whatever changes you need.

Can I get an espresso blend?

You sure can. Just meander over to our Forté Espresso page and select "Add to ReFills Subscription" and we'll ship you as much espresso as you'd like.

I'd like to give this as a gift

YOU are the friend everyone wants!
No problem at all, but you probably want to check out our pre-paid 3 or 6 month subscriptions for gift giving.

More questions? Just let us know!