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A medium roast gem, full bodied with chocolate and almond notes. This Colombian decaf is the perfect coffee to enjoy after dinner with a slice of grandma's apple pie. And yes, it's 100% amazing coffee from FreshGround Roasting. read more…


What's with the melancholy livestock?

Wilma - Sad Cow Coffee

This is Wilma. She's sad because she can't find her calf. (think about it).


You should know - even though it says "Sad Cow", it's our coffee. We roast it right here in Geneva and give it all the love and care we give every other coffee we roast. We changed the name because we love coffee puns and dad-jokes.

And, yes, believe it or not, we love decaf as well. For the life of us, we can't figure out why people hate on decaf all the time. And it's so unfortunate that some roasters look at their decaf as a second-rate citizen. Not so here

We've scoured the coffee universe and found some absolutely amazing decaf coffees that we're proud to roast and put right up there with our regular coffees. This one is no exception.

A medium roast gem, full bodied with chocolate and almond notes. This Colombian decaf is the perfect coffee to enjoy after dinner with a slice of grandma's apple pie. Wisconsin-ites, you can still put a slice of cheddar cheese on that pie (why? Just…why?).

So curl up with a good book and an amazing cup of coffee even if it's right before bed. Our Sad Cow coffees will moooooo-ve you (see what I did there?). 

P.S. If you've loved our Dream Maker Decaf for years, this is EXACTLY THE SAME COFFEE with a different label, a cute cow and lots of puns. 

The Coffee

  • Decafination Process: Sugar Cane Process
  • Origin: Colombia
  • Region: Valle del Cauca
  • Altitude: 1700 masl
  • Processing: Washed