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Office Coffee Doesn't Have to Suck

It used to be that an office would serve coffee on a platter, and took pride in what they did. Now it's served with an apology. Don't leave your customers with a bad impression - serve them great coffee that makes a difference. read more…

Need A Great Coffee Brewing Setup Too?

We have solutions for those with their own equipment as well as those without.

If you need equipment, you know that easy to use, quality brewing equipment is essential for quality coffee. If you have a small office of 5-20 people, we've put together the perfect coffee brewing setup that is easy to use and makes absolutely the highest quality coffee possible.

For just $149 (the price of an entry level Keurig setup) plus 9 shipments of 5 - 12 oz bags of coffee each, we'll provide you with a fantastic, SCA certified, very easy to use office coffee setup that will keep your customers and your employees happy for years to come. Plus, you'll save 12% on the coffee off of our regular price. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Often Should I Ship?

Well - that kinda depends on the crazies in your office and how much coffee they drink. We'd suggest a good starting point is an office with 5 people ship every 4 weeks, 10 people every 3 weeks, 15 people every 2 weeks and 20 people every week.

Keep in mind, this is a very rough estimate. There's a lot to be said for how many customers you have coming in and how many meetings you have. We can modify your shipment time frame to suit your needs after a couple of shipments. If you find yourself running out, just give us a call and we'll get more coffee out to you right away. 

Can I Change What I Get (or How Much) (or How Often)? 

Absolutely - to a certain extent. We can mix up your regular shipment with any combination of 1 bag of decaf, single origin, blends, or whatever you want. We can also pre-grind some if you need us to (many people get a 1 bag of decaf pre-ground because you only have 1 grinder). 

For the first 9 shipments, the minimum shipment is 5 bags every 4 weeks. If you're not drinking that much (something we definitely don't understand), give a bag as a bonus to your employee of the month or give some to your customers. Share the love. After 9 shipments, we'll be glad to pare things back as necessary. 

The Details

(The ugly stuff your boss wants to know)

If you go with just coffee delivery, it's simple. You sign up, we ship you coffee. No details, no contracts, no minimums. We ship you coffee when you need it. Cancel or change whenever you'd like. 

If you'd like us to include an equipment setup for your office, there are a couple of details you need to know:

You will be billed $149 today and we will ship you the brewing setup (Bonavita BV1900TS Brewer and Baratza grinder) plus your initial order of 5 bags of coffee.

If you're within an hour of our Geneva, IL location we will likely come out and set it up for you - we love to meet our customers. If you're outside of that, we will ship the equipment and coffee after we open it up and make sure everything is working and configured properly so you just have to push a button. If we ship it you're going to have to assemble the grinder and scale setup. It's not complex. It takes a single philips head screwdriver. That's it. 

If you're in Hawaii or Southern California and it's winter, we may hand deliver it to you as well as long as Eric can crash on your couch. 

At the interval you choose (1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks), we will again ship you 5 bags of coffee to serve for your office and bill your credit card $69.99 for the shipment. That's 12% off of our regular price for 5 bags of coffee. Free shipping is included.

After 9 shipments, you can cancel the service by contacting us or continue to receive great coffee for your office at the same interval you originally specified or change it however you'd like. At that point, the equipment is yours. 

If you choose to cancel the service before you have paid for all 9 shipments, you have 2 choices:

1) Return the equipment in pristine condition including the boxes and packaging it was originally shipped in. There will be a $100 restocking fee plus shipping costs for returning the equipment. If the equipment is missing or damaged, there will be a charge for that missing or damaged equipment.

2) Keep the equipment and pay a cancellation fee that will be prorated based on the number of shipments you have already paid for. 

    Please get in touch with us if you have more questions!