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3 Month ReFills Coffee Subscription

Psssssttt.....They Want A Coffee Subscription!!!

A coffee subscription is the perfect gift for anyone - including mom or dad. When you sign up, once a month for 3 months we will ship 1 or 2 (you choose) 12 oz bag(s) of freshly roasted coffee to you or to a friend. If you need more, just change the quantity here to whatever you need. read more…

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ReFills FAQ

  • How much coffee do you send each shipment? Each month you'll receive one or two 12 oz bag(s) of coffee.
  • What kind of coffee will I get? Our selection varies from month to month. Our 3 Month program is exclusively single origin coffees. What you see in the photo here is not necessarily what you will receive each month. The photo here is just so there's a pretty picture on this page.  
  • Do you offer a decaf coffee subscription? Sure do! Just contact us after you sign up and let us know you'd prefer decaf and we'll take care of it. We generally only have one or two decafs in the shop, so there's really no "Roaster's Choice" option for decaf. 
  • How often do you ship my ReFills coffee? We ship once a month. When you subscribe, your first shipment will go out immediately. Then, on the 1 month anniversary of your order date, we'll ship out the second and third shipments. 
  • I'm ordering this as a gift for someone else. Great idea! What could be better than great coffee each month! When you fill out the form on the next page, be sure to use your name and address in the billing information and the lucky recipient's address in the shipping and contact information

Got more questions about our coffee subsciption? Contact us and let us know!

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