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6 Months ReFills Coffee Gift Subscription

Psssssttt.....They Want A Coffee Gift Subscription!!!

A monthly coffee gift subscription is the perfect gift for anyone. When you sign up, once a month for 6 months we will ship 1 or 2 pounds (you choose) of freshly roasted coffee to you or to a friend.

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Each month is a completely new coffee along with the full story about the farmers, the missions and organizations they support and the stories behind each of those coffees. The coffees generally range from our lighter roasts to medium-dark roast coffees depending on what's in season. About every other month we bring in a completely new and exciting, top scoring coffee that we'll highlight for that month and you'll be able to enjoy some of the best, freshest roasted coffees on the market today. 

But Wait! There's More!

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To make sure you're enjoying that coffee to the fullest, when you add a 3 or 6 month subscription to your cart, you'll have the opportunity to add a 6 cup Chemex Classic plus a Free Box of 100 Chemex filters to your cart. Or, if the Aeropress is more your style, you can add an Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker with tote bag to be shipped with your first coffee subscription shipment. 

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