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Aeropress Coffee Maker

Remember the Aerobie? If you grew up in the 80's like I did, it's that crazy flying ring that you would throw and it would go forever. Well, the inventor of the Aerobie is also a coffee drinker and he's come up with a whole new way to brew coffee. read more...

Introducing the Aeropress

The Aeropress is the best way to brew one or two cups of coffee at a time either at home, at work or on the road. I love taking it with me when I travel or when I'm camping because it's light, easy to pack and made of hard plastic that isn't going to break no matter what your friendly baggage handler does to it. 

In addition to it's simplicity and durability, it's incredibly easy to clean up after you've brewed your coffee. Just press the puck left in the bottom of the Aeropress into a garbage can, wipe the rubber plunger off and you're all set to go. This makes the Aeropress even better to use in a dorm room or in your office. 

This particular Aeropress also includes 350 paper filters, a coffee scoop, coffee stirrer, and a funnel to help you accurately pour coffee grounds into the Aeropress. 

How To Make Coffee in an Aeropress

Making coffee in your Aeropress couldn't be easier. Here's a quick video how-to: 

If you're looking for a great coffee to start with, consider picking up some of our 321 Blend or an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to experiment with. Those are our favorite coffees to brew in the Aeropress.