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I've learned, when I make a large purchase, that there's usually a bunch of other stuff I need that I either forget to buy, or can't find right away. Espresso is no different. That's why we put together this package to get you everything you need to start brewing amazing espresso drinks at home right away. read more…

Everything You Need

This setup is based around the excellent Rancilio Silvia espresso machine in order to give you barista quality hardware in a small, easy to use package. Then we've added the Baratza Encore ESP grinder to get you fast, consistent fresh ground (see what I did there?) coffee. Lastly, we're adding in some essentials that you need like:

  • a 20 oz frothing pitcher
  • 20 oz container of Urnex Cafiza
  • 15 oz container of Urnex Grindz
  • 2 espresso demitasse cups and saucers
  • Group head cleaning brush
  • a 12 oz bag of our Forte Espresso. 
  • A Baratza Encore ESP Grinder

Join us as we head down the rabbit hole!