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Urnex Cafiza is amazing for SO MUCH MORE than just espresso machines! Anything coffee can be clean again. read more…

Why Cafes Love Urnex Cafiza

Cafes around the world use Urnex Cafiza because it's, hands down, the easiest and best way to clean up your coffee mess. From daily backflushing their espresso machines, to cleaning out the filter coffee airpots and taking the mess off of just about anything with coffee stains. 

But Cafiza isn't just great at the cafe. Cafiza is exactly what you need to keep all your coffee gear at home sparkling clean and bright like new. 

What can I use Urnex Cafiza for?

This stuff is awesome! And it's not just for espresso machines. We use this to clean everything coffee related - from airpots to travel mugs to coffee pots. All of that stuff needs to stay clean in order to get the best coffee flavor. Just a few things we use Cafiza on: 

  • Espresso machine group heads (of course…)
  • Coffee Airpots
  • My travel mug
  • Chemex coffee brewers
  • Almost anything with coffee stains on it (except teeth). 

How do I use Urnex Cafiza?

In an Espresso Machine

If you're using it for an espresso machine, simply put about a tablespoon of the powder in your backflush filter and run it for about 15 seconds. Then rinse the filter and backflush the machine three of four times until the water runs clean. 

Using Cafiza in Other Coffee Equipment

For any of your other coffee equipment, just put about a tablespoon of Cafiza powder in the mug, carafe or whatever and fill it with hot water. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse it clean. You'll be amazed at how clean your equipment is once you're done. You can leave it as long as overnight if it's really dirty.