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Barrel Aged Honduras Coffee

Without a doubt, our most requested coffee is our Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee. We've tossed in a full bag of our Honduras coffee that's been soaking up the fantastic flavors for several weeks now.
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We'll empty the barrel next week, roast, pack, and have it available and shipping or pickup at the shop starting on Thursday, Dec 9th (it will not be earlier than this - sorry!).

Some important things you need to know: 

  • This is whole bean coffee! Not cold brew coffee! Even though it's in a can!
  • This is whole bean coffee! Because of the packaging, we can't grind this (sorry!)
  • Each can holds approximately 5 oz of amazing barrel aged, whole bean coffee. 
  • You can purchase a single can, multiple single cans, or a 4 pack, or a mixed 4-pack with 2 cans of Barrel aged and 2 cans our Honduras coffee from Maria Barahona. 
  • A Honduras 4 Pack with 4 cans of Honduras whole bean coffee. 

Please be aware - despite being packaged in cans this is whole bean coffee - not cold brew coffee!

Get on this fast! Last time we sold out very quickly.

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