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Without a doubt, our most requested coffee is our Barrel Aged Coffee. We've tossed in a full bag of our Honduras coffee that spent 2 weeks soaking up the fantastic flavors in a newly emptied bourbon barrel. 
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Aged in Bourbon Barrels

We age our Honduras coffee in bourbon barrels. The green, unroasted coffee stays in a newly emptied barrel for over 2 weeks soaking up all of the amazing aromas and smells in the barrel. Despite the fact that unroasted coffee is small and very hard, it still absorbs things like a sponge.

Once the coffee has been in the barrel and soaked up as much bourbony goodness as it can handle, we dump it out and roast it to a medium roast to bring out all of the amazing coffee goodness. Our Honduras coffee from Maria Barahona has a sweet yet nutty flavor, medium body and a nice, smooth finish.

Whether it's under the tree, as a stocking stuffer or paired with an amazing beer from our friends at Penrose Brewing, you'll love this coffee.

Add a Costa Rica Geisha

We've also added a fantastic Costa Rica Red Honey Processed Geisha coffee this year that is the perfect compliment to our Barrel Aged Coffee. It's a light roast coffee that's full of sweet, fruity and floral notes. Any coffee lover knows that the geisha varietal is among the most sought after coffees in the world for their unique flavors and this one is no exception. Add a 5 oz canister of this amazing coffee as well to pair perfectly with dessert on Christmas Eve.