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Without a doubt, our most requested coffee is our Barrel Aged Coffee. We've tossed in a full bag of our Honduras coffee that spent 2 weeks soaking up the fantastic flavors in a newly emptied barrel. These will be available to pick up Saturday following Thanksgiving! 
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About This Barrel Aged Coffee

We age our Honduras coffee in recently emptied barrels. This year, we were able to source one Ironclad Distillery in Newport News, Virginia. If you've been around for a while, you know we love working with family owned craft businesses. From our Honduras coffee produced by Maria and Edwin to a barrel from the King family at Ironclad to our roastery. 

How We Do Barrel Aged Coffee

The green, unroasted coffee stays in a newly emptied barrel for over 2 weeks soaking up all of the amazing aromas and smells in the barrel. Despite the fact that unroasted coffee is small and very hard, it still absorbs things like a sponge.

Once the coffee has been in the barrel and soaked up as much bourbony goodness as it can handle, we dump it out and roast it to a medium roast to bring out all of the amazing coffee goodness. Our Honduras coffee from Maria Barahona has a sweet yet nutty flavor, medium body and a nice, smooth finish.