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Forte Espresso Coffee

Not an espresso-roast (read: burnt), this is a medium roast espresso blend. It's made up of our sweeter coffees combined with some more full bodied ones to result in an espresso that is sweet and carmelly with just a hint of brightness. It plays very well in milk drinks and sits on it's own with no problem at all.

Our favorite recipe is a 1:2 ratio with a 28 second pull. Specifically, 18g of espresso yielding 36g of espresso in 25-28 seconds at 201 degrees F is as close to espresso heaven as you can come

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The Profile

A sweet and long lasting espresso with just a touch of citrus. Tastes great in milk drinks. We recommend 18 grams of coffee, water at 204 degrees, and 30-35 seconds to pull 36 grams of espresso. If you're making an americano, 18 grams of coffee and 2 oz of espresso makes a slightly milder with not quite as much of a citrus flavor. 

Hold on there cowboy - this is not espresso ROAST!

If you're looking at our espresso blend because you like "dark" and "strong" you're in the wrong place. Try our Sumatra or even a Dark Roast Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. American marketing has duped us into believing that an "Espresso" is really dark, burnt coffee. On the contrary, a true "Espresso Blend" (notice the change... blend vs. roast) is usually a medium roast coffee designed to bring out out all of the underlying flavors of the beans that are in the blend. We're not going to stop you from using this blend in a drip coffee, it just may not be exactly what you're looking for.

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