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Flavor infused coffees are starting to crop up in the specialty coffee market. This is very different than the flavored coffees we've seen on the market for years. This blackberry and peach infused coffee from Sens Coffee in Colombia is something you don't want to miss. Pre-orders for this will be available Saturday, November 25th.  read more…

What are Infused Coffees? 

 Juan David Puerta is a flavor scientist and founder of Sens Coffee in Colombia. He came up with the idea of Osmotic Dehydration. Green, unroasted coffee is soaked in a solution of glucose and flavor components like peach, blackberry, lychee, apple, pear, whatever he wants, for a period of anywhere from 24 to 72 hours or longer. The coffee is infused with the flavor notes by reverse osmosis. The result is a flavored coffee that isn't overpowered by sticky, sweet, artificial flavors and the actual coffee is still noticeable. 

What Infused Coffees Are Available? 

We were able to source a limited amount of 2 different coffees from Sens Coffee. We have a blackberry infused and a peach infused coffee. Both are amazing and something you will want to try. You can get one or a combo set of both at a discount. 

Do you have a Mug Life Video that tells me more?

Well wouldncha know....

How do I brew these infused coffees? 

We'd recommend your normal brewing method. However, if you're up to experiment, we've tried an iced pour-over method with a V60 that is just amazing. Here's what we did: 

  • 18g Blackberry Infused Colombian Coffee ground fine
  • 160g of ice
  • 140g hot water
  • Place the ice in your brewing receptacle. Prepare the V60 like you normally would.
  • Bloom with 36ml of water for 45 seconds.
  • Follow it up with several pours of about 40ml each. When pouring, wait until the water is almost completely through the bed of coffee until pouring the next 40ml
  • Enjoy!